Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake

Very gently with your index finger separate and furl back the layers of the roll to create the effect of petals. It may be useful to use your cocktail stick or a tissue covered cocktail stick (to protect the shape of the icing) to slightly separate the layers of the roll and shape them backwards to create the effect of a bloom.

When you decide on what type of cake you want, seek out a bakery that makes specialty cakes in Atlanta that are geared toward your needs, personality, and style as a couple. A beautiful, delicious wedding cake will anchor your wonderful celebration.

If the wedding ceremony means everything to you, then you should keep it in your mind, that the wedding cake could be the main attraction. Most of the couples wish to have a unique wedding, and one items will be missed, is the traditional wedding cake, if the cake will be not available.

A contemporary wedding cake.Wedding cake toppers are small models that sit on top of the cake, normally a representation of a bride and groom in formal wedding attire. This custom was dominant in US weddings in the 1950s where it represented the concept of togetherness. Wedding toppers today are often figures that indicate shared hobbies or other passions, if they are used at all.

With so many available options in the world of cake design it's hard to believe that you can narrow it down and make a final decision. After deciding the budget and having a general idea in flavor and design before your consultation you should be right on your way to having your cake and eating it too!

* Some couples go in for unusual geometric shapes for the cake. These cakes are quite different than usual geometric shapes such as round or square. You can either go in for combination of two or more shapes. Another option is go in for asymmetrical shape for the cake. You can develop an entirely new design of your choice. This will give a distinct look to the cake.

As flowers are such a big part of weddings, it's only natural that flowers would make their way atop wedding cakes too. Flowers as wedding cake toppers add natural beauty to wedding cakes and are perfect for any type of wedding that features flowers in other areas like the bride's bouquet or table centerpieces. Floral cake toppers can be created by a small tight bunch of blooms on the top of the cake or a group of flowers cascading down the wedding cake.

A wedding cake box fundamentally is a cardboard box that is able to take that cake. However it can be separated into two different kinds. The first type is the one guests receive as a token, that has a small slice of cake. The other is used to keep the whole wedding cake. Keeping the cake safe is the main use of the two boxes.

Cake toppers are the fascinating way of expressing your style and appearance. It is the custom from older days to decorate the top of the wedding cakes to make it look attractive. Whatever may be the celebrations like birthday parties, weddings or anniversaries, cakes play an important role. Brides and grooms used to decorate the cakes with small figurines to make it funny and impressive. With the change in trend, custom cake toppers made of plastic came into existence and is now getting popular among people. Why cake toppers are special is because personalized messages and bobbleheads make the moments happier and memorable. Small bobbleheads resembling the happy couple represents the sign of togetherness. Wedding cakes signifies the traditional custom of wedding ceremonies and so people designs the cake with fine decoration in advance.